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Incremed News

September 2022

SonoEyes Proof of Concept Publication in Swiss Medical Weekly by Gastroenterology and Radiology Kantonsspital St. Gallen

The division of gastroenterology and hepatology together with the institute of radiology at the Cantonal Hospital St. Gallen presented a proof of concept for SonoEyes-assisted liver interventions at the annual congress of Swiss Society of Gastroenterology (SGG).

Mixed-reality technology for ultrasound-guided biopsies and ablations of liver tumors: Proof of concept using HoloLens as head-mounted display during liver interventions.

This pilot study showed that using mixed-reality technology in ultrasound-guided liver interventions is feasible, easy to apply and associated with advantages such as reduced movement during interventions, improved ergonomic position of the physician, improved focus on the intervention and most probably lower risk of contamination of the sterile field.

Thank you Dr. Lugano, Dr. Bergamin, Dr. Meyer-Herbon, Dr. Häuptle, Dr. Hechelhammer, and Dr. Semela!

For the full article, please see page 12 of the Swiss Medical Weekly Supplementum 263.

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August 2022

SonoEyes at the Inspiration Days on "Quality Leadership", SITEM Bern

SonoEyes will be present at the Inspiration Days on "Quality Leadership".

SITEM Bern, 25. & 26. August 2022.

The theme of the walkerproject Inspiration Days 2022 is quality leadership. How did the best hospitals in the world make it to the top? Gain valuable insights into projects from leading healthcare institutions and learn with us how these institutions became quality leaders and continue to expand this position. You can expect exciting presentations, active discussions and new ideas on the subject of quality competition.

Link to Tickets

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August 2022

Dr. med. Sven Staender

Dr. Sven Staender, Chief Anesthesiology & Intensive Care Medicine at Spital Männedorf about SonoEyes: Lower contamination risk and better space management!

"SonoEyes has proven extremely useful in situations where the need for a venous or arterial catheter arises spontaneously during a surgery. Since gesture and voice controls are touch-free, there is less risk for contamination. Furthermore, SonoEyes enables me to perform image-guided interventions even when the ultrasound device is not in my direct line of sight – a great advantage in situations with limited space."

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August 2022

Mixed Reality Endoscopy With SonoEyes

Did you know that SonoEyes is not only compatible with Ultrasound machines, but with ANY imaging device equipped with a a video port? During a demo last week, clinicians got creative and tried all kinds of endoscopes with SonoEyes and discovered the myriad of possiblities of Mixed Reality. How much time can be saved when physical space is no longer a limiting factor?
How much safer are intubations with a personal holographic screen in a customized size a position?

Learn more about your specific case for SonoEyes by letting us contact you.

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August 2022

SonoEyes at the NEVAM 2022 in Zurich

SonoEyes stands for vascular access safety. The NEVAM Congress unites Nurse Experts in Vascular Access and Maintenance.

Come and visit the SonoEyes booth and book a slot in the workshop at the University of Zürich, on the 3rd of September 2022 and learn about Mixed Reality revolutionizing image-guided interventions.

The goal of NEVAM is to operate an expert platform on vascular catheter management and infusion therapy. The association wants to develop, train and communicate high quality standards in the handling of venous access and infusions in order to optimize safety for patients and professionals.

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July 2022

Dr. Peter Schwarzkopf: "Ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia taken to a new level”

SonoEyes keeps winning praise from various clinicians; the most recent one is from Dr. med. Peter Schwarzkopf, Senior Physician at the Clinic for Anaesthesiology, Intensive Care Medicine, Pain therapy and palliative medicine, and Instructor of Level 3 in Anesthesiology at DEGUM (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ultraschall in der Medizin). Read below how SonoEyes improves his work.

"SonoEyes allows pain therapy interventions, especially on the spine, to be performed much more ergonomically and effectively. One is independent of the position of the ultrasound unit, which allows greater flexibility. In the OR, training in ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia can be taken to a new level. In combination with a headset, our doctors in training can be instructed in a better, more effective and, above all, in a more patient-friendly way."

---German Version:

"Durch SonoEyes können schmerztherapeutische Interventionen, insbesondere an der Wirbelsäule, deutlich ergonomischer und effektiver durchgeführt werden. Man ist unabhängig von der Position des Ultraschallgeräts, was einem größere Flexibilität ermöglicht. Im OP kann die Ausbildung in ultraschallgeführter Regionalanästhesie auf eine neue Stufe gehoben werden. In Verbindung mit einem Headset können unsere Ärzte in Weiterbildung noch besser, effektiver und vor allem patientenschonender angeleitet werden."

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July 2022

SonoEyes in Germany: Prof. Reske, Chief Anesthesiology & Intensive Care

SonoEyes made its international debut, at the Heinrich-Braun-Klinikum gemeinnützige GmbH Standort Zwickau with Prof. Andreas Reske, Chief Anesthesiologist.
His take: "SonoEyes brings clear added value in anesthesiology. We can work faster and in a more focused manner with the system and no longer need to compromise on screen position. It is also extremely helpful in training sonographic techniques."

German version: "SonoEyes bringt in der Anästhesie einen klaren Mehrwert. Wir können mit dem System schneller und konzentrierter arbeiten und brauchen bei der Bildschirmposition keine Kompromisse mehr einzugehen. Auch in der Ausbildung von sonografischen Techniken ist das System außerordentlich hilfreich."

Photographer: Swen Lämmel

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June 2022

Ultraschall Dreiländertagung 2022

Join us at our booth No. 30 at the Ultraschall Dreiländertagung in Zürich next week (29th June - 1st July) and experience our mixed reality streaming platform SonoEyes.

Ultrasound specialists from the DACH region will come together to learn about the latest innovations in the application and education of sonography. Participants on-site will  benefit from a variety of hands-on trainings and live demonstrations. The congress is a great opportunity for medical device manufacturers to present their latest products to a broad audience, and to connect to the growing community of ultrasound users in various medical fields. See you there!

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May 2022

New SonoEyes user portrait with the Head of Angiology at the Kantonsspital Olten

Dr. René Lüthi, the Head of Angiology at the SoH Hospital Olten, is an avid user of SonoEyes. In this newly published film, he explains how it is safer, faster, more practical and comfortable to work with the holographic screen SonoEyes.

SonoEyes enables Dr. Lüthi to carry out percutaneous transluminal angioplasties (PTA) faster and safer. PTA is a procedure performed on patients to widen narrowed or obstructed blood vessels using a small, flexible catheter with an attached inflatable balloon. Obstructed vessels reduce blood flow to arms or legs, and are a primary manifestation of atherosclerosis. In larger screening studies, approximately 20% of men and 17% of women were found to be affected. In Germany alone, approximately one million patients in the inpatient care sector were diagnosed with atherosclerosis in 2016. Their treatment costs amount to more than EUR 6.5 billion per year.

The use of SonoEyes during PTA results in major improvements for both patient and clinician. Complete freedom in the positioning of the ultrasound image allows for better hand eye coordination, since the clinician can now keep their hands, catheter insertion site, ultrasound transducer, and the various imaging screens in their field of view at all times. Due to the improved accessibility of the ultrasound image, certain situations allow Dr. Lüthi to now use ultrasound exclusively, as opposed to having to resort to fluoroscopy prior to the introduction of SonoEyes. This results in reduced radiation exposure for both patient and clinician. Dr. Lüthi also has one less thing to worry about: The risk of an SSI due to contamination from touching the ultrasound device is reduced, thanks to the touch-free interface of SonoEyes.

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April 2022

Incremed featured in Technology Record

We are honored to be featured in the Spring 2022 issue of the Technology Record, a renowned magazine reporting the latest tech innovations in the Microsoft Partner ecosystem.

You can read all about Incremed’s ongoing efforts on introducing Mixed Reality into every day clinic life on pages 144 and 145.

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March 2022

New Contact Form for Demos

Are you curious and want to know more about SonoEyes, the holographic screen? It has become easier than ever! Just fill out our new contact form and our sales team will be in touch with you! Augmented Reality at your finger tips.

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February 2022

Incremed was featured in the ANG Fokus Magazine!

The Swiss Academy of Sciences Magazine (ANG Fokus) made  Science Fiction the theme of its newest edition.

Augmented Reality arguably is as close as it gets to science fiction, so Incremed was portrayed with an article on page 40.
Many thanks to ANG Fokus!

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January 2022

SonoEyes at Balgrist University Hospital

As an international pioneer, Balgrist University Hospital is using SonoEyes for the first time. This movie features the Anesthesiologists Prof. Urs Eichenberger, Dr. David Lorenzana and Dr. Sheila Pazahr and shows how holographic screen significantly improves ergonomics during interventions. The free positioning in the room allows optimal work even in confined spaces. If you would like to test SonoEyes, please book a demo here.

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October 2021

Incremed is now an official HoloLens 2 reseller

We are proud to announce that HoloLenses 2 can now directly purchased from Incremed AG. Be it a single HoloLens 2 for private use or a whole batch for industrial use, write an email to or fill out the form and we will make you an offer.

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May 2021

SonoEyes achieved CE certification Class IIa in May 2021

SonoEyes achieved CE certification in May 2021

The class IIa medical device SonoEyes by Incremed has received the CE label in May 2021, audited by the notified body TÜV Rheinland Italia. The CE mark states conformity with the essential requirements of the MDD, granting SonoEyes access to the european medical device market.

CE stands for Conformité Européenne. With the CE mark a manufacturer expresses conformity with the European legislation, specifically with European directives and European regulations.

In order to achieve the CE mark, Incremed built up a regulatory team, created an electronic QMS (Quality Management System), and collaborated with the notified body TÜV Rheinland Italia as well as a consulting company. To learn more about CE Marking, please click here.

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December 2020

World premiere of holographically navigated spine surgery with Incremed HoloNavigation

Press release Balgrist Communications:

Augmented reality in surgery: World's first “real” holographically navigated spine surgery

Zurich, 11 December 2020 – A team at Balgrist University Hospital successfully completed the first holographically navigated spine surgery. This surgery is part of a randomized clinical study which is the first of its kind in the world. The technology was developed at Balgrist University Hospital.

After years of research, augmented reality (AR) arrived in the operating theatre. With this, an eminent milestone has been reached. The first ever holographically navigated spine surgery with direct navigation was performed at Balgrist University Hospital at the beginning of December 2020. Prof. Dr. med. Mazda Farshad, Surgeon in Chief and Spine Surgeon, carried out the procedure with the help of AR glasses (HoloLens 2). With this first procedure, a randomized controlled clinical study is kicked off to verify the benefit of this surgical innovation. The world-first study marks the peak of the University MedicineZurich flagship project SURGENT, conducted through a consortium of University institutions in Zurich and led by Prof. Mazda Farshad and Prof. Mirko Meboldt with strong involvement of Prof. Philipp Fürnstahl.

Augmented reality using CT imaging, 3D representations of the affected anatomy are generated and directly projected into the surgical field overlaying the real anatomy during the operation. With this, surgeons can see the patient's 3D anatomy. The AR navigation software guides critical steps of the surgery. For example, the exact insertion point and trajectory of a screw is shown directly on the patient's anatomy. “AR enhances the surgeon's senses and improves their perception,” said Farshad, Principal Investigator and Medical Director of Balgrist University Hospital. SURGENT co-director Meboldt is also delighted: "The collaboration between visionary medical professionals like Mazda Farshad with the University of Zurich and the ETH is a unique opportunity and forms the basis for this success."

The patient suffered of lower lumbar spine degeneration, a significantly narrowed spinal canal and corresponding strong pain and sensory disorders in the legs. His symptoms were gone after surgery and is doing well: “Regarding some of the pictures, I am fascinated that something like that is possible. Therefore, I’m very proud to be the first patient in line.”

To see a YouTube video on this historical event, please click here.


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December 2020

Incremed AG is now a Microsoft Mixed Reality Partner

Microsoft Mixed Reality Partner Program welcomes Incremed AG.

Incremed proudly announces a new partnership with Microsoft. The Mixed Reality Partner Program (MRPP) is a Microsoft-sponsored, community-driven program for partners that design, build, deploy, and operate mixed reality solutions.

The mission of the MRPP is to enable solution providers, systems integrators, and digital agencies to build and deploy breakthrough industry solutions by providing them readiness, sales, and marketing resources—as well as incentives for delivering business results.

Microsoft Mixed Reality Partners are provided with most relevant and up-to-date information about developments with the goal of helping companies like Incremed bring azure-based mixed reality solutions to market. Furthermore, the program provides resources and a community where best practices are  shared among the partner companies.

Incremed uses mixed-reality and machine learning in combination with Microsoft HoloLens 2 and Microsoft Azure Kinect to revolutionize diagnostics and therapeutic interventions across various disciplines of medicine. Incremed's products include monitoring systems for the sterile field, holographic guidance for orthopaedic surgeries, as well as virtual screen solutions for ultrasound based interventions. Incremed is listed as a Silver Partner in the Healthcare section. To find out more about the Microsoft Mixed Reality Partner Program, click here.

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