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Google Maps for the Body

Our low footprint Mixed Reality surgical navigation increases safety, speed, and precision, revolutionizing shoulder, spine, and dental navigation.

Google Maps for the Body

Our low footprint Mixed Reality surgical navigation increases safety, speed, and precision, revolutionizing shoulder, spine, and dental navigation.

Our products

Mixed reality view of a vertebra being drilled with navigation


HoloNavigation navigates surgeons through HoloLens 2 or Apple Vision Pro in shoulder, spine, and dental procedures without the need of learning new techniques. Surgeons are supported by the Mixed Reality technology without it getting in the way.

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Doctor inserting an intravenous catheter using SonoEyes and an ultrasound device


SonoEyes provides a CE marked Mixed Reality imaging solution that does not require any physical space. Clinicians can position it close to the patient and next to the needle entry site, thereby enhancing ergonomics and improving hand-eye-coordination.

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Incremed Guard

Incremed Guard is a monitoring and warning system. It provides valuable support to the surgical team by protecting the sterile field and helping prevent surgical site infections.

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This Mixed Reality application helps orthopaedic surgeons with intra-operative rod contouring. Reduce operation time while maximizing the precision of the rod contour.

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September 2022

SonoEyes Proof of Concept Publication in Swiss Medical Weekly by Gastroenterology and Radiology Kantonsspital St. Gallen

The division of gastroenterology and hepatology together with the institute of radiology at the Cantonal Hospital St. Gallen presented a proof of concept for SonoEyes-assisted liver interventions at the annual congress of Swiss Society of Gastroenterology (SGG).

Mixed-reality technology for ultrasound-guided biopsies and ablations of liver tumors: Proof of concept using HoloLens as head-mounted display during liver interventions.

This pilot study showed that using mixed-reality technology in ultrasound-guided liver interventions is feasible, easy to apply and associated with advantages such as reduced movement during interventions, improved ergonomic position of the physician, improved focus on the intervention and most probably lower risk of contamination of the sterile field.

Thank you Dr. Lugano, Dr. Bergamin, Dr. Meyer-Herbon, Dr. Häuptle, Dr. Hechelhammer, and Dr. Semela!

For the full article, please see page 12 of the Swiss Medical Weekly Supplementum 263.

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August 2022

SonoEyes at the Inspiration Days on "Quality Leadership", SITEM Bern

SonoEyes will be present at the Inspiration Days on "Quality Leadership".

SITEM Bern, 25. & 26. August 2022.

The theme of the walkerproject Inspiration Days 2022 is quality leadership. How did the best hospitals in the world make it to the top? Gain valuable insights into projects from leading healthcare institutions and learn with us how these institutions became quality leaders and continue to expand this position. You can expect exciting presentations, active discussions and new ideas on the subject of quality competition.

Link to Tickets

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August 2022

Dr. med. Sven Staender

Dr. Sven Staender, Chief Anesthesiology & Intensive Care Medicine at Spital Männedorf about SonoEyes: Lower contamination risk and better space management!

"SonoEyes has proven extremely useful in situations where the need for a venous or arterial catheter arises spontaneously during a surgery. Since gesture and voice controls are touch-free, there is less risk for contamination. Furthermore, SonoEyes enables me to perform image-guided interventions even when the ultrasound device is not in my direct line of sight – a great advantage in situations with limited space."

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AI driven Mixed Reality surgical products

Incremed is an ISO 13485 certified company based in Zurich, Switzerland.
Our team consists of over 20 software engineering, medical, and design experts. We create products that use mixed-reality and machine learning to revolutionize diagnostics and therapeutic interventions across various disciplines of medicine.

We are committed to building software that is safe, convenient, and intuitive to use. In addition to medical expertise and human compassion, we strongly believe that high-quality products are necessary to guarantee the safety and well-being of patients.
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