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Our medical software makes diagnostics and therapeutic interventions fast, safe, and intuitive.


SonoEyes provides a CE marked mixed-reality ultrasound screen that does not require any physical space. Clinicians can position it close to the patient and next to the needle entry site, thereby enhancing ergonomics and improving hand-eye-coordination.

Incremed Guard

Incremed Guard is a monitoring and warning system. It provides valuable support to the surgical team by protecting the sterile field and helping prevent surgical site infections.


This mixed-reality application helps orthopaedic surgeons with intra-operative rod contouring. Reduce operation time while maximizing the precision of the rod contour.

Who we are

Incremed is an ISO 13485 certified company based in Zurich, Switzerland. Our team consists of over 20 software engineering, medical, and design experts. We create products that use mixed-reality and machine learning to revolutionize diagnostics and therapeutic interventions across various disciplines of medicine.

We are committed to building software that is safe, convenient, and intuitive to use. In addition to medical expertise and human compassion, we strongly believe that high-quality products are necessary to guarantee the safety and well-being of patients.
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Meet the Incremed team 

We are an interdisciplinary team of engineers, clinicians, and designers joining forces to improve medical procedures.

Manuela Miksa


Diana Schluep

Account Manager

Samuel Hertig

Visualization Engineer

Alessandro Pianezzi

Junior Software Engineer

Ueli Peter

Senior Software Engineer

Andreas Pedroni

Senior Data Scientist

Patrick Wiederkehr

Software Engineer Mobile

Till Bay

CEO, Co-Founder