SonoEyes, the holographic ultrasound screen that improves ergonomics and hand-eye coordination for ultrasound-guided interventions.

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Ergonomic Virtual Screen

Hasty set-up of point-of-care ultrasound examinations or crowded operating rooms can often result in inadequate ultrasound screen positions. SonoEyes, together with a head-mounted display, enables clinicians to freely position a virtual screen close to the patient without the restrictions of cables and physical objects. The virtual screen can be configured to follow your gaze, thus keeping the sonogram in line of sight with the patient.

Hands-free, Easy-to-use and Intuitive

The latest generation of head-mounted displays (HoloLens 2) allows comfortable and continuous use of SonoEyes. No keyboard or other input devices are required; SonoEyes listens to your voice or can be controlled touch free with simple hand gestures. The ultrasound image is transmitted in real-time and via Wi-Fi. SonoEyes is compatible with  commercially available ultrasound devices. Ultrasound made easy – across many specialties and levels of training, from medical student to professor.

The Future of Mixed-Reality Ultrasound

To truly provide sonographic vision to clinicians, the ultrasound image has to be projected at the anatomical position inside the patient. This will augment point-of-care ultrasound solutions to be even more lightweight, portable, and flexible. In-situ ultrasound will also be of great interest to trainees, as it can deepen their spatial understanding and assist them in studying anatomical positions and planes.

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