New SonoEyes user portrait with the Head of Angiology at the Kantonsspital Olten

Dr. René Lüthi, the Head of Angiology at the SoH Hospital Olten, is an avid user of SonoEyes. In this newly published film, he explains how it is safer, faster, more practical and comfortable to work with the holographic screen SonoEyes.

SonoEyes enables Dr. Lüthi to carry out percutaneous transluminal angioplasties (PTA) faster and safer. PTA is a procedure performed on patients to widen narrowed or obstructed blood vessels using a small, flexible catheter with an attached inflatable balloon. Obstructed vessels reduce blood flow to arms or legs, and are a primary manifestation of atherosclerosis. In larger screening studies, approximately 20% of men and 17% of women were found to be affected. In Germany alone, approximately one million patients in the inpatient care sector were diagnosed with atherosclerosis in 2016. Their treatment costs amount to more than EUR 6.5 billion per year.

The use of SonoEyes during PTA results in major improvements for both patient and clinician. Complete freedom in the positioning of the ultrasound image allows for better hand eye coordination, since the clinician can now keep their hands, catheter insertion site, ultrasound transducer, and the various imaging screens in their field of view at all times. Due to the improved accessibility of the ultrasound image, certain situations allow Dr. Lüthi to now use ultrasound exclusively, as opposed to having to resort to fluoroscopy prior to the introduction of SonoEyes. This results in reduced radiation exposure for both patient and clinician. Dr. Lüthi also has one less thing to worry about: The risk of an SSI due to contamination from touching the ultrasound device is reduced, thanks to the touch-free interface of SonoEyes.